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Originally from a farming background and having cared for and shown animals and livestock from a very young age, Ben Lund has an extensive working history in horse racing, entering the industry at just 17 years old and comitting his entire career to the sport. Having worked on several big yards up and down the country, alongside race riding both under rules and in point to points, Ben has built up a large portfolio of experience.


He first started working for Mark Dwyer, who had a pinhooking business (buying and selling youngstock) as well as breaking and pre-training. From there, he worked for Michael Chapman, James Given, Jean McGregor, David Gandolfo and Howard Johnson before returning back to work for David Gandolfo after he relocated from Wantage to Somerset to take on the role of Head Lad/Assistant Trainer. Ben then decided to go self employed, running a successful breaking and pretraining business alongside working for Kevin Bishop as Assistant Trainer, leading to him obtaining his own training licence in 2021.


Over the years, Ben had becoming particularly well known for his ability to ride the 'quirkier' types on the yard - leading to his time spent running his successful Ben Lund Equine Services business where he provided breaking, schooling and remedial services to horse owners across the country. He has worked hard to build a reputable name for himself and his ability to work with horses, in particular with thoroughbreds, and in 2019 he decided to provide a more specialised service as a pre training yard. Off the back of this success, he was able to apply for his full training license and in June 2021, Ben obtained his license to train under rules, and his first winner came only a few weeks later. The success that has followed is a credit to the hard work and dedication Ben has put into all aspects of his working life. Now Ben finds himself in the perfect position to offer his huge wealth of experience and expertise in horse racing in the form of an affordable and honest racehorse training service,  from a purpose built professional training yard, and is always happy to discuss any potential training requirements and offer advice on all things racing.


As a very hands on trainer, Ben is able to offer accurate and realistic feedback for every horse on the yard - his experience and capabilities as a horseman mean he can ensure young, inexperienced thoroughbreds are given a fantastic start to their racing career - he works closely alongside his other riders to help teach each horse how to settle with every piece of work they do, to learn their job and build the confidence required to grow into racehorses. Bens training methods aim to create a solid foundation in every horse on the yard, accepting that this may take longer for some horses than others, and ultimately ensuring they are given the best possible chance to have a successful racing career. He often takes his horses away from the yard to work, to racecourses for a racecourse gallop, to local gallops for additional schooling, to the beach to freshen up - these additional trips out provide invaluable experience and a change of routine, alongside the chance to do an extended piece of work prior to race day. 

As a smaller training set up, Ben has always been confident in taking on the competition of bigger yards, and with the help of his loyal owners the yard has had some memorable days out racing so far. He offers a personal, realisitic approach to racehorse ownership - always on the end of the phone for a chat and a catch up - understanding the costs of owning a racehorse and the pressures of performance that come with having a racehorse in training. Bens honest feedback is always greatly received by his owners, and the welfare of his horses is his top priority - training racehorses has never been about financial gain or success, it has always and will always be a passion and the reward of watching horses he has worked so hard with produce positive results on raceday.


Ben Lund Racing offer a personal and professional training service for your racehorse, with regular, accurate feedback throughout their training. Many horses benefit from the more relaxed pace of life on a smaller yard, with quality individual attention every day and the opportunity to alternate hard work with much needed down time, keeping them happy and healthy throughout their time in training.


Get in touch with Ben and the team through our Contact Us page, for more information and to find out more on our training fees and the services we can offer. 

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