- Sole Ownership - 

Owning your own racehorse comes with unrivalled thrills - being fully involved in every step of racehorse ownership, from purchase through to prize money, many owners can think of nothing they enjoy more than watching their own horse parade in the paddock before racing - apart from standing in the winners enclosure after the race of course!



As a sole owner, you own a 100% share in your horse - in turn covering all of their training fees, racing fees and all additional expenses. You pick your own racing colours, register as an owner and the horse will run as owned by you. You receive all prize money won by your horse - remember, most racecourses pay down to a miniumum place of 4th! - and you will gain all the perks of racehorse ownership both on race day and throughout the training process.


Benefits include:-


  • Fully detailed, consistent updates on your horses progress, realistic timescales and honest feedback not only from Ben, but also from Jockeys who will regularly work and school your horse at home.


  • Regular yard visits, the perfect way to see the progress your horse makes in their work, watching them school and the opportunity to discuss potential race plans!


  • Free owners entry badges on race days when your horse is declared to run, including owners car park badges.


  • Paddock entry to stand with your trainer, meet the jockey and watch your horse parade before the race begins.


  • Complimentary meal tickets for the owners and trainers bar - mixing with other like minded people, watch your horse run from the owners stand and cheer them over the line!


  • Soak up the glory of a good result for you and your horse after the race - direct, honest feedback from both trainer and jockey - and any prize money is a bonus!


Racehorse ownership can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and ultimately it is wise to remember that racing comes with its ups and downs - often reminding us all that our horses are not machines. So many factors can affect whether you have a fantastic day at the races or not so, and this is something that all owners will appreciate, especially when they experience behind the scenes the work and effort that goes into getting a racehorse racecourse ready!


Owning a racehorse in training with Ben, you can be fully assured that throughout the training process you will be given 100% honest feedback - having been an owner himself for over 10 years now, Ben understands the expense that comes with having a racehorse in training, and the pressure of having a good result! All our horses are fully prepped, very well schooled and will only run when they are fit and ready - the welfare of these animals is our number one priority, and Ben works alongside his owners to ensure that every decision made is for the benefit of their horse - and this makes the success even more rewarding when it comes!


Arrange a yard visit to meet Ben and his team by contacting us directly via email :- and join our competitive, honest and passionate yard in our future success!



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