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An increasingly popular choice for racing enthusiasts across the board, Syndicates and Racing Clubs offer the opportunity to get involved in racehorse ownership at a fraction of the cost. We currently have several successful racing clubs and syndicates involved with horses on our yard, and are always happy to discuss potential new club or syndicate set ups, we are also able to help source horses if required, and can even offer potential lease opportunities should a club or syndicate wish to go down the route of lease ownership for a season!



The differences between syndicates and racing clubs are set out below but both share many benefits  including:-


  • Reduced / no initital buy in fees
  • Reduced monthly fees or subsciptions  
  • Opportunities for racecourse badges on days your horse is declared to run
  • Access to owners and trainers bars, a complimentary meal ticket with an owners badge, access to the main paddock to meet the jockey and trainer before the race begins
  • Regular yard visits organised by the syndicate or club with Ben to watch your horse or horses work and school, meet the jockeys and the team behind the scenes
  • A private whatsapp group / email with regular updates, photos and videos of your horses progress
  • A % share in any prize money won




For people who want to share the ownership of one or more horses. A Syndicate is managed and administered by the Syndicator. Only the syndicator must register as an owner. It isn’t necessary for members of the Syndicate to register as owners. A great way of owning a racehorse with a group of friends or family members - the purchase costs of the syndicate horse/s is split equally amongst all members of the syndicate, as are all training fees, racing fees and additional expenses, greatly reducing the individual fees paid every month by each member. You can pick your own syndicate name and colours - the perfect choice for those wanting a sociable day out at the races as a group, and a share in the excitement!





Members pay  either a one off annual fee or a regular, monthly fee to be part of club and to enjoy some of the benefits of racehorse ownership. Only individuals who want to set up or administer a Racing Club must register as an owner. It isn’t necessary for members of a Racing Club to register as owners.


For people who want to pay a subscription to experience racehorse ownership. A Racing Club is managed and administered by the Club manager and it is the Club itself, as opposed to its members, that owns the horse or horses running for it.





We run several syndicates and a racing club - we find this a fantastic opportunity for everyone to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership at a fraction of the cost! Our members often comment on the value for money they receive - there are plenty of opportunities to have a day at the races, with additional badges normally available should you wish to bring a friend! We have a really sociable and down to earth group of individuals involved on our racing yard at the moment, making for an enjoyable, memorable day out for all the family. Visit our Ben Lund Racing Syndicates and Racing Club page for more information on what we offer, and take a look at the horses now back from their summer break on our Syndicate and Club horses page.


To arrange a visit to our yard to meet Ben and the team and discuss your requirements for Syndicates or Racing Club set up, please contact us directly by email:- - experience the thrill of racehorse ownership and become a part of our success!

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